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Retrouvaille is a Christian Marriage Program

Retrouvaille is a Christian marriage program and is Catholic in origin. Couples of all faiths and those with no faith tradition are welcome and encouraged to attend. The program is not designed to convert anyone to a specific faith choice, but does reflect Christian concepts. All faith choices are respected for their beliefs and encouraged to attend for the benefit of their marriage. The ultimate goal of Retrouvaille is solely to help save marriages. Tens of thousands of marriages have been restored with the simple concept of couples helping couples with the spiritual guidance from caring clergy members.

For Couples of ALL Faiths

A team of three couples and a clergy member team present the Retrouvaille weekend. The presenting team members have grown through serious disillusionment, pain and conflict in their own relationships. They offer hope as they share their personal stories of struggle, reconciliation and healing. The presenting team shares the deep and personal hurts they have experienced. As Retrouvaille is Catholic in origin, in most communities, the clergy member is a priest. However, Christian Multi-Denomination (CMD) weekends may also be available in some areas. On CMD weekends, a Christian minister and spouse take the place of the priest on the presenting team.

Retrouvaille is based on Judeo-Christian concepts, beliefs and morality.  Retrouvaille invites and encourages a married man and woman of all faiths and those of no religious affiliation to share in this experience and to become an integral part of the program. The presenting teams all do share a Christian faith.

The weekend portion of the program is offered on scheduled weekends beginning Friday evening. There is a Mass or devotional service offered Saturday morning and a closing Mass or devotional service late Sunday afternoon. While all attending the weekend are invited to participate in these religious services, attendance is optional. On CMD Weekends, the devotional service is offered in place of Mass.

Vision of the Retrouvaille Ministry

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We believe that every marriage, a union of one man and one woman, deserves the opportunity to survive, be healed and thrive as a covenant of life and love.  Retrouvaille is the place where we, as hurting couples, found hope and so we are passionately committed to dramatically increasing the number of couples served in both new and existing communities worldwide.

Our Mission Statement 

Retrouvaille is an International community of disciples committed to the continued healing of their marriages and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, sharing their stories, talents and gifts to promote and spread the healing ministry of Retrouvaille.

A Leader in Marriage Ministries

After more than forty years, Retrouvaille is recognized as a leader in marriage ministries. Those who have involved themselves in helping other hurting couples would agree that making themselves available and sharing their stories as “wounded healers” has been a gift to continue their own growth and kept them from slipping back into a lifestyle which brought them to Retrouvaille in the first place.

Patron Saint of Retrouvaille

Saint Joseph

The Patron Saint of Retrouvaille is St. Joseph. Joseph was Jesus' earthly father, the Virgin Mary's husband, and in Roman Catholicism, patron of the universal church. His life is recorded in the Gospels, particularly Matthew and Luke.

Joseph was a descendant of the House of King David. After marrying Mary, he found her already pregnant and, being "a just man and unwilling to put her to shame" (Matt. 1:19), decided to divorce her quietly; but an angel told him that the child was the son of God and was conceived by the Holy Ghost. Obeying the angel, Joseph took Mary as his wife. St. Joseph, as a spouse like us, who while knowing pain, did not divorce. By God's grace, he nourished the Holy Family and the Savior of all families throughout the ages.

Retrouvaille Logo

Retrouvaille Marriage Help

The Retrouvaille life ring and lifeline indicates the "Lifeline" that is given to marriages, via Retrouvaille, to be healed and resurrected. The cross reflects the healing provided through Christ’s Death and Resurrection.

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