Our Children Now See Marriage Takes Commitment

We remember vividly the isolation of living in a troubled and painful marriage. We remember our embarrassment when others offered to help and our jaw-clenching fear of disclosing our pain. We feared looking like failures, being pitied, being despised for being so far gone as to be unreachable. We wanted to pretend that everything was just fine and under control because, “ who cares anyway?”

Fortunately for us, there were couples and a priest who did care about us and our 18-year marriage . They presented the Retrouvaille program to us. They offered no easy solution, only caring and their experience. They inspired us to find the courage, in our darkest time, to go on—not just endure, but to grow in our relationship. By using the tools we were given, we have been able to build the loving and intimate relationship that we both craved and that God intends for us. Retrouvaille saved our marriage and our family.

Staying involved with the Retrouvaille community keeps us connected with other couples that are committed to their marriage relationship. We want to share the amazing gift that we have been given. By sharing our story as Post Weekend presenters, we have watched God use the "crap" in our relationship help bring healing to other couple's relationships. This is a source of healing for us and our past mistakes.

 Our involvement in Retrouvaille has helped our children realize that marriage takes time and commitment. Since we attended the Retrouvaille program we have celebrated the weddings of our three children, together, and share the joy of being grandparents, together, to our 6 grandchildren.

-S & K – Rosemount, Minnesota

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